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Crushed Sciatic Nerve

In 2006, Ryan was in a terrible car accident which caused a crushing injury to his left thigh. Ryan required emergency surgery in which pins were placed into his left hip. His left sciatic nerve was also crushed making his chances of full recovery unclear. After eighteen months of intense physical therapy, Ryan regained his ability to walk.  If you were to watch Ryan walk today, it would be obvious that he has a persistent limp; What you wouldn’t see is that he has to consciously activate his leg muscles in order to help reduce the limp.  Since beginning chiropractic care Ryan has enjoyed many benefits including improved gait, balance and the responsiveness of his leg.

You may be wondering, “How can chiropractic do that?”  As Ryan’s chiropractor, I identified areas along his spine where his joints had locked up and surrounding muscles had tightened, resulting in a lack of communication throughout his nervous system. This pattern of neuromuscular dysfunction is known as subluxation. Ryan’s gait, balance and the responsiveness of his leg improved as the subluxations were reduced, and communication restored.

I believe Ryan’s story helps illustrate how our nervous system is affected by dysfunction in our spine. Your nervous system coordinates every cell and tissue in your body; without proper communication there can be no proper function. If Ryan’s muscles weren’t able to fire as rapidly (or fully) because of subluxation, what other organs or tissues were suffering?

What unexpected benefits could you enjoy from a body clear of nervous system dysfunction?

“At first I was skeptical of chiropractic care, mainly due to a lack of understanding on how it all works.  However, after meeting with Dr. Hanson for just a couple of weeks I was noticing improved balance, and things that were challenging previously were coming to me with greater ease.  I would advise anyone who has even the slightest thought of giving a chiropractor a visit, to stop in and talk with Dr. Hanson.  He’s very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and helped me understand how his practice helps the body heal and work the way it’s designed.”

– Ryan

Be well and keep moving,

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