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Are You An Athlete?

I routinely ask patients the question: “Are you an athlete?”  I have observed that many people define themselves as athletic but not as an athlete.  The picture that comes to mind when we think athlete tends to be a young, competitive basketball or football player.  The word athlete is defined as “A person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.”  Are you proficient in forms of physical exercise?  Then you are an athlete! Athletes tend to treat their bodies differently than non-athletes.  Do athletes warm up, cool down and stretch during their workouts?  Do athletes hydrate before and after practice?  Do athletes concern themselves with the fuel they put into their bodies? Do athletes attend to injuries that could affect the longevity of their practice?
Most important is this: Would you do things differently if you defined yourself as an athlete?

Be well and keep moving,
Dr. Hanson