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“I Didn’t Realize I Was So Sore!”

Patients frequently share this phrase with me on regular visits: “Wow, I didn’t realize I was so sore!”  The curious thing is that these patients often come into the clinic already feeling well.  If the patients are already feeling well AND they are unable to recognize how sore they are, what is going on here?

In our fast paced lives we have a million and one things to manage.  We have appointments to make, calls to return, errands to run and we try to get to the gym before getting to bed at a reasonable hour.  All these demands and it seems like we just do it all over again tomorrow!  During all this activity our bodies do us a favor, they adapt to the daily stresses we are under.  Our bodies are so good at this that often times we are unaware that we are failing to adapt and are beginning to lose pace with our busy lives.

Our bodies are amazing at adapting to stress in all forms but stress can build up over time.  We are able to keep up with these accumulating stressors until….well until we can’t.  Just like the straw that breaks the camels back, often times physical injuries are the result of unmanaged accumulated stress.  Do your body (and yourself) a favor by helping manage your stress through proper nutrition, regular exercise, positive thinking and chiropractic care.  You may not realize how much you need it.

Be well and keep moving,

Dr. Hanson