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Chiropractic and Grip Strength

A 2012 study from the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics looked at the effect of cervical spine adjustments on grip strength in elite judo athletes. 18 athletes from both sexes were selected and separated into two groups. One group received chiropractic adjustments to the cervical spine (neck). The other received what is called a “sham” treatment. “Sham” treatments serve as the placebo for the study. Each group received 3 different interventions throughout the study.

At the end of the study they found that those athletes studied who received a true chiropractic adjustment showed an increase in strength of 6.95% right, 12.61% left after the first intervention, 11.53% right, 17.02% left after the second and10.53% right, 16.81% left after the 3rd intervention. “No statistically significant differences were found in grip strength comparison within the sham group.”

The study concludes: “The present study suggests that the grip strength of national level judo athletes receiving chiropractic SMT improved compared to those receiving sham.”

What other performance benefits are athletes enjoying from regular chiropractic care?
What impact does this increase in strength have on rock climbers?  (An activity that I love!)

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