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Infants and Chiropractic, Oliver’s Story

As a nurse I have plenty experience working with newborns.  So, I understood that babies cry.  However, my son was crying constantly!  Being new parents, we felt clueless when it came to soothing our baby.  We quickly tried everything we could think of – was he hungry? needed changing? bored? overstimulated? tired? hot? cold?  But nothing helped to console my child…so the crying went on and on.  Oliver never seemed to get exhausted or cry himself to sleep, he just get going.  We finally began to notice that Oliver had a hard time with digestion, often looking uncomfortable after being fed, crying until he could finally pass some gas or have a bowel movement.  We visited our pediatrician and were told that newborns have immature guts and often have trouble with digestion.  She suggested some positioning, simethicone (gas-x for babies), or gripe water.  We tried it all AND  we also started him on infant probiotics.  Oliver still wasn’t improving.

As parents, we felt comfortable having Oliver adjusted because we both see Dr. Hanson regularly and have a good relationship with him.   We knew we could trust Dr. Hanson’s judgment and that he wouldn’t take any unnecessary risks with our baby.  We were present for Oliver’s exam and adjustments.  Dr. Hanson explained everything he was finding and how Oliver would be adjusted.  He also demonstrated on us the amount of pressure being used on Oliver.

We started to notice a decrease in Oliver’s crying a few days after his initial adjustment.  From there, things continually got better.  We are still seeing a decrease in Oliver’s crying, and he appears to be more comfortable, able to work his gas out of his body instead of having it trapped and crying.  Oliver has a much easier time not only with digestion, but also with movement in his neck.  Being a “sunny side up” baby at birth, he seemed to favor only turning his head one direction, which sometimes made breastfeeding a challenge when he wouldn’t want to turn his head.

Thanks Dr. Hanson for your great care of Oliver.  A happy baby has made parenting so much easier! 

Dr. Hanson