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Dancing Back to Recovery

I recently received a wonderful email from Joy Davina, my dance instructor, about her experience with chiropractic and my care.  This is what she had to say:
“I have been a dancer for many years.  Over ten years ago, my knee popped out while dancing Tango with a student.  The loud “crack” made everyone in the room stop and they proceeded to carry me off the dance floor.
I first went to the emergency room and after two hours was told to take pain pills and stay off my feet. I was scheduled to dance in a show that following weekend so that was not an appealing treatment to me. I have never been patient with regards to “taking it easy”.
Across the street was a chiropractic office. I hobbled in and walked out 30 minutes later without pain – I was a believer!

I have been to NE chiropractic many times and have received great care. I have recommended Dr. Hanson to many of my students. He is one of our resident dance doctors 🙂 If you think he is talented in chiropractic, you should see him dance!
-Joy Davina, Founder of Social Dance Studio

If you know people that could benefit from Joy’s story, please forward this website to them.

Be well and keep moving,
Dr. Hanson