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Karate Chop!!!

“I’ve been having severe lower back pain for a while which limited me from being active and participating in one of my favorite activities, karate.  I was dismayed that my typical remedy for this type of injury (rest and pain medication) was not working so I decided to call Dr. Hanson to schedule a chiropractic exam.  During the exam, I was impressed with his knowledge and passion for chiropractic care.”

“He placed me on a treatment plan for my lower back pain and within a few weeks, my pain was significantly reduced.  The treatment was so effective that I was able to compete in a karate tournament and medal in it.”

“I owe my performance in part to the wonderful chiropractic care from Dr. Hanson.  Thank you!” -Andre

Keep training hard my friend!

Dr. Hanson


Andre training hard.

Andre training hard.