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You Are My Sunshine, Vitamin D

Displaying Vitamin D is a unique vitamin because it’s the only vitamin that does not come from our diet. Unlike all other vitamins, Vitamin D is synthesized through exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is so important to our proper biochemical function that many researchers recommend reclassifying it as hormone. It is also a very common deficiency.  According to, Vitamin D deficiency is linked to “hip fractures, metabolic syndrome, type I and type II diabetes, infectious disease, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, hypertension, and many types of cancer including the deadliest ones.” See link below for the full article.

Since there is little to no Vitamin in our diet and we live in a region of the world that does not receive much sunlight, vitamin D supplementation is a must. As a neurostructural chiropractor that is interested in your total health, I strongly recommend daily supplementation with vitamin D at 5000 IU’s to promote sufficiency all year round and especially during the darker months. As says, “Even with prescription supplementation, vitamin D is the single most cost-effective medical intervention in the United States today.” Vitamin D supplementation is well worth the money to support your health.

Dr. Chris Hanson


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