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Decrease Pharmaceuticals, Hospitalizations and Surgeries

Strong FoundationI recently read a fantastic study that detailed the impact on the use of pharmaceuticals, hospitals, surgeries for patients “whose primary care physicians (PCPs) were exclusively doctors of chiropractic.”  This study evaluated the clinical and cost utilization of “70274 member-months over a 7-year period.”  When compared with those patients with conventional medical care, this is what they found:

  • 85% decrease in pharmaceutical costs
  • 60% decrease in hospital admission
  • 59% decrease in days spent in the hospital
  • 62% decrease in outpatient surgery.

This information substantiates claims made by chiropractors and experienced by patients;  Protecting your neurostructural integrity is an essential component to long term health and well-being that offers a reduction in the need for medical intervention.

Please forward this email on to anyone you know that would like to experience fewer pharmaceuticals, hospitalizations and surgeries.  They may benefit greatly from this health information.

Original study:

Dr. Chris Hanson