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Second Impact Syndrome

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Second Impact Syndrome occurs when a person sustains a 2nd concussion BEFORE the first has yet finished healing.  This second impact causes the brain to rapidly swell often causing devastating results such as disability or death.  This second impact can occur minutes, days or even weeks following the initial injury.  Although this topic is difficult to learn about, recognize this information could make a profound difference in the life of yourself or someone else.  All athletes should follow Return To Play guidelines following ANY significant impact to the head or suspicion of concussion.  (Return To Play guidelines can be found on the CDC website)

Want to learn more?

I have recently arranged an educational talk on concussions with the intention of presenting this information to concerned athletes and supporters of athletes, specifically high school parent groups as well as here in my office.  Be sure to share this information with someone you feel could benefit especially if they involved in youth athletics.  If you feel a recommendation to speak is appropriate, I would appreciate that too. 

Dr. Chris Hanson