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Return To Play


Return to play guidelines have replaced concussion grading because unlike simple grading, Return To Play guidelines are instructive – providing care guidelines and milestones for athletes recovering from a concussion. This new system is what all coaches and health care professionals should be discussing if you or a loved one suffers from a concussion.  The steps are as follows:

Baseline (Step 0) 24 hours of zero concussion conditions.
Step 1:  Light Aerobic Exercise
Step 2:  Moderate Exercise
Step 3:  Non-Contact Exercise
Step 4:  Practice
Step 5:  Return To Play

The details vary from athlete to athlete.  Athletes will often find themselves stuck on one step in which conditions such as headache, numbness, dizziness, confusion, poor balance etc. return at that level of intensity.  My goal as a provider is to ensure the athlete safely returns to their sport as their brain and any other secondary injuries (spinal/extremities) heal. 

To learn more, join me for a presentation on July 8th from 6:15-6:45pm in my practice titled
Software Malfunctions:Understanding Concussions   Follow the link for event details.

Dr. Chris Hanson