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Cold and Flu Season

Although I am enjoying some beautiful fall weather, the cooler temperature has brought fall allergies and the oncoming cold and flu season.  One way to naturally ensure your immune system is functioning normally is through Vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is a unique vitamin because our source is the sun – not food like all other vitamins.  During the fall and winter our body doesn’t receive sufficient rays from the sun and our immune system suffers.  Research has shown abnormally low Vitamin D levels to increase a person’s risk of URTI – Upper Respiratory Tract Infections – or the common cold for short.  Other studies have shown that supplementation with Vitamin D helps to shorten colds.

Low Vitamin D levels are quite common – some estimates as high as 40% of the US population.  For that reason, I recommend a dosage of 5,000 IU per day with a dosage of 10,000 IU when battling a URTI.  These levels have been shown to normalize blood levels of Vitamin D even for people living this far north of the equator.  If you would like to read more, please follow the links below or speak with me at your next visit.

Dr. Chris Hanson

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