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An Infant’s Job Is Never Done, Overcoming Colic

For many newborn children, their first few days can be a traumatic welcome into the world.  The birth process places a great deal of force even on the most simple and easy of births.  Frequently the child is able to heal from this trauma but all too many infants suffer damage to their spine that can cause a host of secondary conditions (symptoms) including colic.  Read on to learn more about a great patient story and research on colic and corrective chiropractic care.
“We started to notice a decrease in Oliver’s crying a few days after his initial correction.  From there, things continually got better.  We are still seeing a decrease in Oliver’s crying, and he appears to be more comfortable, able to work his gas out of his body instead of having it trapped and crying.  Oliver has a much easier time not only with digestion, but also with movement in his neck.  Being a “sunny side up” baby at birth, he seemed to favor only turning his head one direction, which sometimes made breastfeeding a challenge when he wouldn’t want to turn his head.

Thanks Dr. Hanson for your great care of Oliver.  A happy baby has made parenting so much easier!” – Leah

Dr. Chris Hanson