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Don’t Overlook This Essential Nutrient

I want you to think of movement as an essential nutrient to your structural health.  Movement deficiency is rampant in our society and much like any other nutritional deficiency, without this nutrient our body misses out on growth, repair and health maintenance.  We sit in our cars, at our jobs, after work – the list goes on.  Our youth aren’t given recess, aren’t taught to exercise on their own and they sit all day developing abnormal shifts and curves in their spine.

Lack of movement makes our bodies weak, muscles short and our joints arthritic.  There are 3 requisite areas for your exercise program to prevent movement deficiency. 

1.  Stretching ProgramMove every joint in it’s full range of motion every day.  I have long maintained that stretching should be like brushing your teeth – you should begin and end your day with stretching. 

2.  Strength Program – Calisthenics (self-body weight exercise) or weighted exercise are necessary and should develop the spine, core, legs and arms.  Don’t forget to include thoracic extension in your program to help avoid an Anterior Head Syndrome, as seen below.

3.  Cardiovascular Program – Elevate your heart rate at least 30 minutes, 3 times per week.  Examples include running, elliptical machines, swimming etc.

Finally, your workout should be fun.  This doesn’t mean that you always have to be excited about your program but you shouldn’t dread it.  There is so much enjoyable movement in this world that I am CERTAIN there is something everyone can enjoy – be creative or find some help through a professional trainer.

Make movement a part of your daily routine and it will not only make your life easier,
but my job as your NeuroStructural Chiropractor easier too.

Dr. Chris Hanson