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My Posture Sucks

Slumped shoulders and forward drawn head are some of the most common problems that qualify a posture that “sucks.”  In reality, this is an abnormal shift in the spine and not simply a positional change of your body.

As your spine shifts from normal, the joints or spinal segments begin to work abnormally as well. This causes them to wear unevenly or lock up leading to degeneration of the joints and discs. Overtime degeneration can become a debilitating disease and IS NOT reversible.

Think of your spinal segments that have shifted from normal like shock absorbers on a car that have rusted out – no longer protecting the vehicle from impacts.  Degeneration of the spine is much like your spine beginning to rust, no longer providing proper protection  – resulting in several undesirable secondary conditions including pain, decreased range of motion, headaches, stiffness, sciatica, numbness, tingling etc.

Unlike conventional chiropractic offices that focus merely on providing temporary relief care, my office focuses on normalizing your spinal structure through a process called NeuroStructural Correction.

The best way to protect your structure is through corrective care and corrective exercises. These two activities when taken together will ensure your spine maintains normal alignment, your spinal segments maintain normal full range of motion and will keep your spine from rusting out. 

Don’t allow your spine to deform due to shifted spinal segments and a posture that “sucks.”

Dr. Chris Hanson