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Fast Recovery With This Essential Tool

Foam rolling has become popularized over the past several years for good reason – it’s a fantastic tool.  The principle is quite simple, use your own body weight against a tool to relax rigid muscles.  Foam rolling is best used before an intense workout to prepare your body or following an intense workout to reduce recovery time.

I recommend foam rolling to all athletes as muscular support.  It shouldn’t be used to either replace stretching or to replace a talented sports massage therapist because it doesn’t do either.  It is, however, a great tool to support overall soft tissue mobility.  Foam rolling also helps support your Structural Corrections because it maintains mobility throughout your spinal musculature.  This increased mobility can make your corrections more complete. 

Clinically, I recommend foam rolling and other soft tissue mobility programs to many patients that are being seen for soft tissue correction.  It greatly supports patient’s recovery between visits making their results more dramatic. 

A simple guide to get you started.

Happy rolling to you,
Dr. Chris Hanson