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Dark Days Deprive Vitamin D

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It’s no secret, the days are getting shorter – Which also means less Vitamin D for your body.  Vitamin D is unique as it’s the only vitamin that does not come from our diet – it’s synthesized through exposure to the sun.  Without any sun exposure, Vitamin D levels plummet.

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to hip fractures, metabolic syndrome, type I and type II diabetes, infectious disease, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, hypertension, and many types of cancer including the deadliest ones. See link below for the full article.

I strongly recommend daily supplementation with vitamin D at 5000 IU’s to promote sufficiency all year round. especially during the darker months.  Proper Vitamin D levels will support your bones, fundamental to a strong structure, and proper nervous system function.

Dr. Chris Hanson

See the links below for more information about vitamin D.