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Breath Easy With Normal Structure

Earlier this year a study was produced to evaluate “The immediate effects of spinal thoracic manipulation on respiratory functions.”  The study provides great insight on the positive health impact of normal thoracic/midback structure beyond living without pain. 

Hint:  Skip the first section if you want the quick version.

The Study:

The study measured several respiratory function tests/breathing tests before and after spinal correction in 30 pain-free-healthy subjects.  The study also utilized both an experimental and a control group.  The experimental group received real spinal treatment to the “thoracic region with reduced joint mobility” whereas the control group received a placebo treatment in which the practitioner used no force. 

Important Findings:

  • “The control group showed no changes after the intervention.”
  • The treatment group showed statistically significant improvements in their pre- and post- intervention readings.
  • [Conclusion]  “Spinal manipulation therapy applied to the thoracic region improved respiratory function test results of participants in this study.”

The impact:

This research is exciting as it illustrates the benefits of normal structure as a performance optimizer.  With increased oxygen exchange, athletes relying on their cardiovascular fitness will be more powerful and exhaust with greater difficulty.  Furthermore, at risk populations such as those with impaired respiratory function may find increased quality of life through improved lung function with proper structural improvement.

Dr. Chris Hanson