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Conventional Chiropractic vs. NeuroStructural Correction

Normal StructureWelcome to NE Community Chiropractic!

Conventional Chiropractic

Conventional chiropractic focuses on temporary pain relief and decreasing muscle spasm.  This is how most chiropractors practice and many do a great job.  It does function as temporary relief and can be thought of as symptom management or a “band-aid” approach.

NeuroStructural Correction

At NE Community Chiropractic, our focus is NeuroStructural Correction.

Neurostructural Correction focuses on normalizing the structure of your spine and function of your nervous system.  For example, it’s well established that 98.6 degrees is normal for body temperature and any deviation from this normal is an indication of a deeper problem – viral or bacterial infection.  There is also an objective normal for NeuroStructural function and similar to body temperature, deviation from normal can lead to or indicate deeper problems or secondary conditions such as pain, headache, numbness etc.

Return to Normal

Rather than applying a band aid, NE Community Strong FoundationChiropractic focuses on correcting underlying NeuroStructural Shifts to help you return to normal.    A NeuroStructural Corrective approach fits best with people looking for both relief and an underlying correction of abnormal structure.

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