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Success Stories

Food truck jam 2014“I have more energy physically which has led to more motivation to not only run more but also to take on work tasks and home tasks more readily. This has been awesome!” -Isak

“Chiropractic care has dramatically improved my rock climbing. It has allowed me to continue training and prevented the progress of an injury. Without chiropractic care I wouldn’t have been able to place in finals at sport climbing nationals.”-Noah

I am more able to wake in the morning. I feel more confident while exercising and I am better able to respond to stress. You rock!” -Mark

“I can sleep more comfortably, I have reduced tightness and I am enjoying better movement.” -Matt

“I have improved posture and it is easier to turn my head while driving. I am also waking more rested and am finding it easier to get out of bed in the morning.” -RaeAnnSTAWNO 5K 2014

“I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like without the excellent injury treatment and ongoing wellness care I receive from Dr. Hanson.” -Sarah

“I am enjoying less pain, more movement and hope that I’m on the right track. I am happy I met you and started in your care. I love your approach!” -Lance

“I came to chiropractic seeking to maintain my health and well-being.  My care has met and exceeded my expectations.”  -Doron

“Dr. Hanson placed me on a treatment plan for my lower back pain and within a few weeks, my pain was significantly reduced.  The treatment was so effective that I was able to compete in a karate tournament and medal in it.  I owe my performance in part to the wonderful chiropractic care from Dr. Hanson.  Thank you!”  -Andre  Andre Reed

I have more energy and focus. I am wakeful in the morning and I have no after lunch sleepiness. My allergies have greatly decreased and I have had no colds or respiratory flu at all this winter. It’s amazing to realize what a healthy spine is supposed to feel like.” -Ashley

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