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What Do I Need To Know Before My Neurostructural Examination?

Strong FoundationAfter completing a complimentary consultation, you may elect to further investigate your foundation through a comprehensive NeuroStructural Examination.  The objective of the examination is to uncover the presence and severity of Neurostructural shifts.  The NeuroStructural Examination is a comprehensive and detailed analysis with each aspect being performed by Dr. Chris Hanson.

The NeuroStructural Examination includes:

  1. Structural Spinal Analysis
  2. Digital Thermal Assessment
  3. Digital Motor Assessment
  4. Any Necessary Orthopedic/Neurologic Tests

Following the completion of the examination, you will be scheduled for a report conference where your findings will be explained.  Should we find that you can benefit from our care, you will be presented with a specific, personalized initial phase of care of corrective care including any complementary recommendations.  You will be eligible to begin your initial phase of care immediately following your report conference.

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